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Need help documenting my GT350H

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I am sure you have thought of this - but contacting the previous owners listed in the registry may yield some results? (history, pics, docs)

  This is why sending to the registrar - often - is so important. 
  Does the registrar know who you bought the car from and when?  The registry contains mostly items owners have sent in.  They are not searching for items for each car for kicks.


--- Quote from: Snakeyes on May 21, 2021, 02:15:17 PM ---It's not a 100 point car and the VIN was verified back in the 90's. She is a driver though.

--- End quote ---

Beauty.  Makes me want to put an R model valence on mine!  I think I spotted under rider traction bars in the second photo at speed.  I took the torch on 843.  Over riders...


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