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Need help documenting my GT350H

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Doug C:
I have 988 your cars twin. 

Very nice Doug, thanks for sharing.

98SVT - was 06GT:
I had the triplet 843 (no factory LeMans stripes). If yours was an over-ride car I'd be a player.

Happy to help if I can... I have been inspecting Shelby's for more than 40years and have 5 early Shelby'
s of my own. Perhaps others here at SAAC will chime in as to my experience of record. I own an Appraisal company and live in South East Michigan  my number is 734.231.7634 Kenneth Costella

I definitely recommend Ken Costella - he knows his stuff, and especially Shelby Mustangs.   I used to have him appraise all of my collector cars when I lived in Michigan.  Always wise to keep current photos and appraisal on file with your insurance company.



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