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Who is rebuilding Kelsey Hayes proportioning valves these days?

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I have one that I bought already done. No idea who did it. It looks great but seeps from around the lock nut on the adjusting screw. Was looking to get this one gone over or buy another.

White Post Restorations I think used to do them.


Two sources I know of:

1.  White Post Restorations as mentioned above. I've had one of their rebuilds in my 66 for 15+ years, no issues.

2.  Mark Frappier
     82 Mountainview Drive
     Agawam, MA  01001


If you are looking for one that has already been rebuilt, I have two already done. One that was rebuilt by White Post. And another one I purchased from Buckeye Classic Car Restorations a while back that was also rebuilt. Both have been cleaned and sleeved, with new rings installed ready to be installed and used.
I will second White Post. They do great work if you want yours rebuilt.


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