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I am seeking information on how to document the authenticity of a 2006 Shelby. My father, who recently passed away, purchased from a used car lot what he believed to be an '06 "Tribute" to the Shelby. However, when I had it appraised a few weeks ago I was shocked that the appraisal came back stating that it was an actual 350GT Shelby Cobra. I am wondering, how might I find additional information to verify and further document that it is a Shelby?

SAAC is primarily focused on the Classic Shelby's '65-'70.
You should find the response you are seeking on the 'Team Shelby' website which is focused on the later '05+ Shelby cars

Much appreciated, thanks for the advice!

98SVT - was 06GT:
You can go right to the source -

The only 2006 Shelbys were the 500 Black/Gold GT-H ones built for Hertz. Shelby American did not use the GT350 moniker on their cars. That copyright (along with Cobra, GT500, etc) is owned by Ford. When Shelby signed on with Ford to rep their new GT500 part of the deal was he could modify and sell Mustangs under his own banner. These were only called Shelby GT and started in 2007 with a Mustang GT. The Cobra name is licensed to Shelby American for use on 2 seat cars only.
Today the business model has changed due to federal intervention several years ago regarding emissions. At this time cars are only modified by what is called "post title" that means you already own the car and are having it modified to your specs. Exposing yourself and not the modifier to EPA violations. Shelby will still modify your GT making it a Shelby GT or a Ford born GT350 or GT500 making it a GT350SE or GT500SE (Signature Edition).
Checking the VIN of any 2006 up Shelby built car will show it was born as a Ford. Shelby American keeps but does not publish a registry. Since 2006 well over 150,000 cars have rolled off the SA and Ford lines making them far less collectible than the earlier cars with a total 8 year production of less than 13,000.

The "Team Shelby" forum is no longer, at least not right now.  It's return has been one of those "any day now" for several months.   There was an aborted attempt to migrate it to a new platform that failed miserably, along with some party crashers that took it over as their personal facebook page, and so in an attempt to regroup has been shut down.   "Team Shelby" maintains an active on Facebook and other social platforms but those aren't threaded and so don't have any history. 

What 98SVT..  summarizes is correct.  There were no '06 Shelby Mustangs except for the Hertz cars, and while many dealers referred to the "Shelby GT" as a "GT350" that was an attempt to rationalize it against the GT500 what was out at the same time.  The GT350 returned later as a post-title Shelby offering and then was quietly closed down as Ford reclaimed the trademark and had their own offering.

You nailed it when you said "Tribute".  Its tryue value is that of a modified Mustang GT.  Maybe more than a standard car, but not by much given its age and the evolution of the Mustang over the subsequent years.   It's not real or rare or going to fund a retirement program. 

Drive the snot out of it.  You'll think of your dad every time you sit in it!

(PS, I owned two of the Barrett Jackson Shelby GTs.  There were awesome little cars and when equipped with a supercharger had as much HP as then unmodified GT500 of the same time, and handled much better than the GT500 because the Shelby GT came with the upgraded suspension bits.  You could add those same bits to the GT500.  The Shelby GT was maxed out with HP because of the 4.6L3V engine whereas the GT500 had the bigger V8 that was, like the Ford GT, severely underrated and could be brought up to immense HP on the base engine parts.)


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