Author Topic: Photos from SAAC Carolinas event at the Mustang Museum April 14th Charlotte, NC  (Read 672 times)


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Attached at the bottom is a link that will take you to my Snapfish album featuring photos from the event.

John Durai was there with his fantastic 1967 GT-350
George and Linda Byrd drove their 1967 GT-500 up from Greenville, at nine miles per gallon of fun.
Ted Staples made it to the event but unfortunately he had to leave his KR home.
Ben Garrido showed up in his gorgeous black 1968 GT-350 Convertible.

The folks at the National Mustang Museum are an exceptional group of Mustang/Shelby enthusiasts, and put on a great three day event.
Friday afternoon saw a huge number of participants take advantage of the open track at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The 1967 Trans am mustang, and a GT-40 were two of my favorites. Lots of newer Shelby's and GT-350's soaring around the track. Check out the pair of "Bullitt" Stangs I spotted in the car corral. 

We toured the Dennis Carpenter museum Friday and it was a blast to see all the antiques and vintage cars that Dennis has rescued and restored.

On Saturday we visited Daniel Carpenter's personal Mustang Museum featuring the Fox body style cars. Most of them with less than 100 miles on the odometer.

We met Bill Harris of Harris Mustang Supply which is located there in Charlotte. A couple of cars previously owned by Bill were in the collection too. Bill's business is one of the oldest Mustang part distributors in the Southeast, established in 1976.
You'll see a photo of John Durai and Bill Harris in the album. John on the left, Bill on the right. As it turns out, they were high school classmates and filled with stories about their love of hi performance cars. Both men are still holding on tightly to their Shelby's. 

Enjoy the photos, Denny   



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Thanks for posting that Denny.  Iím sorry I missed it, but family issues made the two hour trip not a great idea.   Did they say when they expect the full Museum to be open?
Brian Glover
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If they did, I missed the announcement. We could see that the foundation and footers for the new building were already in the ground. I believe we're on their mailing list so I'm sure they'll keep us posted on their progress. The building they're using now as the "preview" museum is first class and right around the corner from the future building.   


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Thanks for posting that Denny.  Iím sorry I missed it, but family issues made the two hour trip not a great idea.   Did they say when they expect the full Museum to be open?
I talked to Steve and his wife Michelle and they're shooting for November!!


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It was a great event.
Many thanks to the Hall's for all their efforts!!

I worked the Tech Inspection on Thursday, the Track event on Friday, driving the Pace Car and organizing the Parade Laps.
I also MC'd the seminars for the guest speakers on Saturday.

My restored White '66 is in the Preview Museum on display, and I drove my unrestored '66 K-Code 2+2 to the event.
Ben parked next to me in his black '68 vert.

They are hoping to have construction completed by Nov-Dec time frame.
Then spend the next several months decorating, organizing all the displays and selecting the cars.
The Preview Museum will remain open throughout construction to the Grand Opening.
Then it will be repurposed for a special project that will be announced at a later date..... stay tuned!

The Mustang Owners Museum (MOM) will have it's Grand Opening along with the Mustang's 55th Birthday Celebration, as part of the National Mustang Day celebration, on April 17th, 2019.
There will be a 2-day Track Event on Thurs. & Friday 4/18 & 4/19, followed by a car show and closing banquet ceremony on Sat. 4/20.
That Sunday, 4/21, is Easter Sunday and will remain Sacred with no MOM activities.

If you're a Charter Member, look for additional details later in the year or early 2019, about a potential special 'preview' gathering the weekend before the 17th. Again, stay tuned!

Should be a memorable event so put it on your calendars!

Mark Young
Mark Young
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