Author Topic: Ford 302 Hecho en Mexico block and main caps  (Read 1027 times)

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Ford 302 Hecho en Mexico block and main caps
« on: June 03, 2021, 10:29:04 PM »
I would like to give this block away. Here is the lowdown:

The engine for my GT40, GT40P1149, a Safir Mark I car, was built using this block. The car suffered a hard freeze, pushing the freeze plugs out. We installed new freeze plugs and pressure-tested the engine which held. But when we ran the engine, and heat-cycled the block, we saw a leak of antifreeze from the front of the block on what would be the passenger's side in an American car. There is a small crack there which goes up into the deck area. The crack is from the water jacket to outside, the engine actually ran fine.

We stripped the block bare and installed the entire rotating assembly into another 1968 302 block (sadly, not a Mexico block). Except for the crack (a big except, I agree) the block and main caps are fine.

The block and caps are in Manchester, MD, at a friend's garage. I would like to give the block away to someone who will try to save it and build it into an engine again. From what I've read, Mexico blocks have a higher nickel content and the main caps are sturdier than standard 302 caps.

This would have to be picked up from Manchester, MD, I can't ship it, but it's free to the first person who wants it, contacts me, and picks it up. It deserves to be better than a boat anchor. And engine blocks do not make good anchors, anyway.


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Re: Ford 302 Hecho en Mexico block and main caps
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2021, 09:30:35 PM »
Hi there

I am local to MD and would love to have it.  I am always doing projects with hipos and shelbys

301 502 1337