Author Topic: A question for the SAAC Aficionado's on CSX3232  (Read 3329 times)


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Re: A question for the SAAC Aficionado's on CSX3232
« Reply #30 on: May 28, 2021, 10:33:02 AM »
I was just a little late getting into the Cobra "scene" around 1972.

There were lots of stories of "wrecked" Cobras circulating with a notable amount appearing in publications like "Competition Press". That "newspaper" reached such a small segment of the population that it was almost like an underground paper or a "clicky" thing like the "Village Voice".

Having known some of "the players" then, some, my interpretation of the attractiveness of buying a wrecked Cobra was the prospect of getting something for nothing. Certainly a lot below what the perceived "market value" would be.

Re-sellers were already "pre-qualifying" wanting buyers as "undeserving" mostly I think in the hopes of driving up the market.

As I recall, Carter Getty of Getty Ford in Millbrook, NY, could "get you" any Corbra that you wanted for $8,500.

Now it possible that there were some used Cobras still in the Ford Dealers used car auction system but Carter already had kind of an "underground' reputation as a Cobra "go to guy".

Not to intentionally disparage anyone but if I look back at who was "restoring" these cars, not only were some of the cars "air cars" but many of their businesses were "air businesses" working out of one car garages behind their parents houses. More then a few I can name were "barn finds" fifty years before the term existed.

The answer was and still is, the price difference between a car created from air and one "as it left Shelby American" then and now.

If Kirkam can build one for $80,000 and it can mysteriously become a "genuine CSX 3000 car" then there is a huge benefit to grifters  to attempt that route.

Ned's "old" S/C, just went to a no-sale at auction of $2.3 million. I'd say the profits are better then ever right now if you can get away with it?

In many cases it's hard to tell an original. Ned has pointed out to me (he probably doesn't remember though) that the Kirkham is "too good". The original cars were not as nice. ;)

My perspective? A car like CSX3232 should be worth at most what a CSX continuation car is. On that point, the seller would likely put a gun in your face and order you off of their property?

That's the determination the buyer needs to make. $2.5 million for a recreation with an original tag or $150k? I might be "thick", but even I see the answer to that one.
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