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New rear glass too wide

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4 years ago I bought a new rear fastback glass from Auto City Classics. in Minneapolis.

Today my restoration reached a point ready to install the rear glass with NOS Ford gasket, NOS Ford clips and NOS stainless.  After paying for the install it is apparent  that the rear glass is bowed on the sides 1/8". There are 4 channel clip nails on each side of the rear glass. The glass is touching the middle two clip nails making it impossible to install clips or NOS trim. Measuring, and sighting with the use of a straight edge I see the edge of the glass is bowed. Tempered glass can not be cut or shaved. I can't even use a thinner off shore gasket

So I called the  company. I was told the glass was out of warranty NO OFFER of a trade.  Apparently the glass 'grew' since I drove out of state to pickup rather than ship it. To add insult to injury, it was suggested that my Shelby has had quarters that were put on wrong. My car is an original sheetmetal car family owned since early 70's  As I explained the original glass fit fine. etc etc.  Of course they have never seen or heard of any FB glass being a 1/4" too wide at any point on the sides. To make  matters worse his FB glass is all on back order so nothing there to measure against my new bad glass measurements. I even explained I had pulled the glass and measured both glasses off the car after I had paid $120 (good money after bad) to have it installed and removed. Yep new glass is irregular as hell. Who has bought 
new repo, date coded, glass that fits fine with a Ford NOS gasket? -Ray

67 GT350:
The choices are.

Eat it and order another one.
Eat it and find a used one
Eat it and if you have your old one use it
Both a used one and possibly your original one can be polished and maybe used.
Or eat it and search for a used one.

Sometimes CL in your local area might work well for a nice used one. I went through this sort of thing many a times as restoration projects usually do not get done until many years after you have already bought parts, they cannot warrantee things forever.

I had to eat it and use my original.  They even sent two replacements and they were to small!

To big not to small.  Sorry

Chad Where did you buy the glass that was too big?


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