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mounting period correct tires

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Well it appears corporate America is getting more stupid by the year. No chain tire stores in the Detroit area will mount a 1970s tire on a rim. It doesn't matter your intention as they cannot mount a tire over 10 years old. Safety issue. I asked have they ever mounted an old "good" tire and have it blow up? I told them to mount it and I'd fill it at home. Its a spare that will never hit the ground. So where are people going to mount their tires? Gary

67 GT350:
Stupidity of American people has led to the stupidity of American Companies. I bet you can get any person in China to mount it.

On a serious note, with care and common sense you might be able to do it yourself, with a pry bar and some muscle?

How about a local gas station repair shop for cash?

KR Convertible:
I got tired of the BS and bought my own tire machine, balancer and brake lathe.  I don't depend on nobody for nuthin'!


--- Quote from: davez on June 09, 2021, 10:16:48 AM ---How about a local gas station repair shop for cash?

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There is one that works on new and old cars in Northville by my friend's house(if you are familiar with this area) . Old school 2 bay no gas shop. I was thinking of checking with them. Another shop many miles away just sold a set of 3 date coded 1970 F-60-15 tires. I never got over there and thought my friend would buy them. The owner found them stashed in his attic. Small tire shop. I wonder if he mounted those 50 year old tires?


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