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Hey Bob, I have a question a about how to post in the yellow flashing scamm alert. I have been scammed by a new sac member. Goes by Nicolasmoore.  I posted in the wanted section for a 69 shifter detent spring and rear Taillight harness, he responded to both requests of which I had already bought the Taillight harness from you so I PayPal to a address he referred me to and now will not respond and no tracking number has been about 10 days with no response.  Just trying to make sure no one else gets scammed.  Thanks for your input

June 7th I was contacted by the Nicolasmoore screen name in a private message about an ad I have wanting a Cobra Accelerometer to contact his friend at this email. -

The friend talked back and forth through email but could never provide pictures.  He said he wasn't able to provide pictures.  If you have something for sale and cannot provide pictures in today's technological world....hmmm....  it raised a red flag to me.  I asked him to call so we could talk about the accelerometer.  I was trying to get a comfort feeling about the deal.  The phone rang but unfortunately I was too busy with my job to answer the phone.  I googled the phone number and it came up in another scam on an air rifle forum.  The number was 985-241-0277.   I stopped responding and didn't try to continue talking.

I am sorry this happened to you.  Thank you for bringing this post up.  I have been wanting to do this for a few days now, but wasn't 100% sure it was a scam even though it has always smelled like once since he couldn't provide photos.  I have been watching the activity of the account and noticed Nicolasmoore hasn't been on since June 8th.

Looking at the forum members list shows Nicolasmoore just signed up on the forum on June 6th 2021.
He is not listed as a SAAC club member.
Anytime someone offers to sell you parts that is not a longtime forum member should raise a red flag.
Sorry this happened to you, but he is not likely someone any of us knows.

I posted a wanted add for a 65 GT350 pitman arm, Small letter intake and a coil to dizzy wire. Got a message from Nicolasmoore saying his friend, had exactly what I wanted. After contacting about the items, he immediately said they had been sold but had the correct pitman arm. After several texts requesting pictures, prices, etc. and getting vague answers, I asked him to tell me what markings were on the pitman arm. Anyone who knows a real one from a cheap copy, he said he didn't see any such markings. Finally, got pics of really clean (as in recently cast) cheap fakes with no markings. Told him thanks but I would have to pass. Seems it was indeed right thing to do. If seller is evasive and cannot, or will not answer simple questions, be overly cautions and only deal with long standing SAAC members or those they personally vouch for.

I received a pm as well responding about a 427 cam shaft I was looking for.  I ask for pictures and was sent pictures of a 5.4l camshaft. When I googled what cam I wanted, the exact picture I was sent came up immediately, meaning they just used it.  I was pretty sure from the beginning it was phony and was trying to see where the scam was going to go.  Whenever I asked a question about the cam, the response was “How much will you pay?”  🙄


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