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Ok, Let me try this...


Ok, so finding a decent 67 Cougar as a starting point for a 67 BME TA replica has been challenging to say the least...  So, thinking about another option...  A steetable (or made streetable) 67 Mustang TA Replica... Not a huge fan of Springtime or Gawd Awful yella.  Prefer white/Red/Blue or maybe Calypso Coral...  Saw the "Pumpkin" when Nagle owned it and it grew on me...  Prefer a stick, well done safe car... Cage is fine.  Can be gutted.  If it's not a steerable motor, can let you keep & we can work on the price to adjust.  Hit me with what you got...  Would also consider a 69 Boss 302 replica as well.  Red or blue preferred...

I am surprised you can't find a solid Cougar in Texas.

It's sad actually...  Most are just trashed...  Few are done correctly.  Many are just not worth the time & money to fix right.


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