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Question for Ned Scudder: CSX2532

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Hey Ned,

     Do you have a picture of CSX2532 when it was originally princess blue/red?  It is for sale now over at William Anson in England. Now is black and fitted for racing with a top. But they kept the original 00002 engine, wheels,etc.


I have many , pm me if you need history of car. 

Cobra Ned:
Dittle, the car was damaged early-on and had a fiberglass body installed. I have no shots of it at that time. First photos I have date from the late 70's/early '80s. But check with prior owner Dsten and he can no doubt assist you.

Quick question, original Cobra, sheds it's original skin.  Now covered with a new fiberglass skin.

Is it considered a real Cobra or is it now a Fobra?

Fobra - Definition -  (fō′brə) noun,  a fake cobra that looks like a multi million cobra

Cobra Ned:
The alloy body work does not define a Cobra. The chassis and its assigned VIN determine the validity of the car. Just as on any standard vehicle, if you wipe out some sheet metal and have to replace it, nothing changes regarding the car's identity. (Just ask CarFax...) Same with a Cobra. When CSX 2532 was properly restored, the incorrect fiberglass body was replaced with an alloy one. The car remains CSX 2532. As regards your definition of the term "Fobra," i consider it more reference to a kit-car masquerading as a real AC/ Shelby product, i.e. "Fauxbra."


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