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The website that stays on point has another update.

I have added some great stuff...The first GT500 KR, the first GT500, a new dealer article and the best page you will find about 1968 Shelby options.

Thanks for the support.  ( to come in the front door ) ( the executive entrance if you have seen it all )

Pete,  Great update as always.  thanks for all you do for the hobby

Special Ed:
Pete i dont see any mention about factory headrest option in the 68 option section. My old loaded KR had that option and its on the buildsheet and all the paperwork and  marti verifed it so was it special ordered for someone special that we all know HAHA?

Ed, you are special.


Pete, great work as always on the new additions ! In the updates for Koon's Ford, the section on the decal,  maybe this has already

 been pointed out ? the first image of the dealership at night, the first '65 GT350 on the left, looks to have steel wheels in the front

 and Cragars on the back ?


I've taken the liberty of including your image  ;)


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