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Correct specs for 427 S/C and full comp Cobra

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Who knows the correct factory recommendations for the suspension on a 427 S/C with bronze bushings? What is the loaded ride height, camber and toe, front and rear? Goodyear Blue Streaks. I have street specs, but no accurate comp specs.

Any gurus out there?


No gurus left in SAAC. Wow.

Bob Gaines:
I would try and have a little patience rather then using the strategy of trying to get a response by making others fell guilty for not replying to your question quickly. That strategy may get the opposite effect that you expect. Regardless I hope you are able to get your information. 

98SVT - was 06GT:
This question reminds me of when Saleen bought an Indy car from Andretti and they kept the setup books. Basically they said nope you can't have them trade secrets.
Same with your car - setup depends on the track, your driving style/ability (do you need the car firmly planted or can you be happy with it being on the edge), even your tire wear goal (you may be willing to burn down a set of tires in a short race for a little better handling where a different setting may allow them to last long enough to avoid an extra pit stop). Start with the basics of the stock set-up set the corner weights and go from there.
Car setup is a science and the feel of the car on a good drivers butt is the key. When Shogun (SHO powered Ford Festiva) was first finished it had a nasty habit of wanting to swap ends at anything over 80. We couldn't figure it out. Enter Pete Halsmer and a 30 mph pass in the shop parking lot. One question "caster in the rear?" - Yes stock Taurus just moved everything to the back - take it out - problem fixed. In less than a minute he had figured out what we were chasing for weeks.
Search out Patrick Bedard's article on Indy car setup being a Rubik's Cube - what you do to one corner changes all the others. A Cobra has almost a many adjustments save aerodynamics.
I guess what I'm trying to point out is somebodys setup from their car won't work on your car.

Here are the specs published in the first issue of the Marque, the old Shelby American automobile club magazine. It purports to be the factory specifications for alignment on a 427 street car. Obviously lots of people consider this to be proprietary information and Im not aware of any place that the competition car specs have ever been published. It would just be a starting point in any event but Id be kind of interested to see what the settings were


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