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Extra GREAT COOLING aftermarket radiator

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67 GT350:
Interested in way better cooling for 66 GT350, 67, and 70. Without getting too technical, confusing, and or crazy, Where would I be able to buy a nice, extra cooling, heavy duty bolt in radiator? I do not care about numbers, judges, concourse stuff. I do care that it will resemble something that is a factory look. I don't want it to look like a robot is living under the hood. I want it to "keep it's cool" on the hottest days/nights. I put this post under here, because I am basically asking for 65 through 70 years. Thanks

You can go the after market aluminum radiator,  add electric fans, we don't like that look either

We had a 3 row modified at a local shop into a four row.

We have had no issues down South


If you recall.... my '67 GT-350 radiator had been changed to a GT-500 radiator by the original owner in FL.........not many have noticed.


67 GT350:
Thats right!! Thank you!!! Great idea.

Bob Gaines:
Keep in mind that the aftermarket companies do not make a 67 size big block radiator only wider ones for 68 -70 . The 68-70 radiator will fit in your car with the addition of the 68-70 lower radiator brackets and of course the 24 inch 68-70 fan shroud which is reproed. If a 67 bigblock radiator is wanted then a used one would have to be sourced and reconditioned if needed. Repro fan shrouds are available for that narrower BB radiator and 67 style lower brackets installed which are also reproed .


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