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First day on the road

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With covid and life the 69 saw the first road day in two summers. Radio did not work, ran hot, and putting the driver rear window down the 52 year old glue finally gave way, but I had the window safely in my hands. It was a great drive!! Looking forward to tomorrow.

Sounds a bit like me when I go for a walk these days.🙂

mark p:
Nice, I'll bet it felt great to be hear the roar from the pipes after all of that time  - Sounds like a "win"  8)

West Coast Classic Cougars has a great YouTube video about how to fix 69 glue in glass!

Does 70 glass work? I think it was screwed in at the bottom. Having a 69 Mustang coupe as my first car I well remember the glass and glue issues.


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