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76 Service Station Reminder Card 1968 Ford GT 40


I came across this while going through some of my parent's old paperwork.  It appears to be perforated top and bottom.  Looks as if they were a little behind in getting their '78 Granada serviced!

Craig R.

Craig, thanks for posting, that is a neat piece ! I wonder if there were any other cards from 76 that were Ford related, or any other

 stations ?

I have these cards from BA in Ontario, Canada "gallery of great cars" they were given out when you tanked up, these are from I

 believe '68 ? my dad got them and passed them on to me, there were 24 in a series, and a poster on which you glued them, I

think there was more than one series. These are the ones that were Shelby related, I like the wording on the back !


There was also this one with a '67 GT500.

You're so right, Mike!  Whoever wrote those did a great job.  Do you have all 24?

Craig. R.


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