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What did you do to your 1969 / 70 today?

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Road Rally into the FL Keys

Miami C&C

Hotrod Hillbilly:

  When I first bought my GT500 it had been sitting for over 10 years, I was planning on trailering it, but my brother talked me out of it, he said "When will you ever get a chance to drive a Shelby across country like that and not have to worry about the paint"? I explained to him that with it sitting so long, who knows what part might give out. He said, "I thought you could fix anything"? So my Ego and I took a very humbling and long trip from Arlington Wa to Tucson Az., but thats a story in itself! ::)

Woodward 2017 Ford Performance display.  2003 100 years Ford show. SAAC 1990 vert with my 70 GT500 drag pack fastback. Hines part with my friends 1970 GT500

1989 Pony drive. Chasing down a 67 GT350 on the straightaway at Waterford Hills  gaining every lap on the straight.


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