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Is anyone else having a problem not coming up to the home/sign in page when coming to this site? It used to come up to the page for sign in or read posts since last visit. Now,  it comes up to the page with all the different sections of the site. I can't believe it is my computer doing this. Ron

Hi Ron, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem with the site. When I come here, nothing has changed with the any of the pages for me, it's business as usual. Denny

It's working normally for me also. My bookmark is to the main page and my browser remembers which of the sections I've expanded (or hidden). At the right side of each section title are links to Unread Posts and a + or - sign that will expand or hide that section.

Go to the page/view where you want to start and bookmark that page (or change your current bookmark to that URL). I hopes this helps.

If I could get to the start page, where you sign in, I would do that, but can't get there.

Hi Ron, This is where I start when I go to the Forum.

Try typing this into your browser and see what you get.

If you can't get through, call me and I'll be happy to assist you. Denny



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