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'91-'93 SHELBY / SAAC – Documents


SAAC MKI Sales Brochure; Mailed to SAAC Members, in SAAC stationary envelope
    2 color printed pages folded with B&W introduction letter and SAAC Parts page
SAAC MKII Sales sheet; B&W tech details
SAAC MKII Sales sheet; 2 sided color page
SAAC MKII Sales sheet; 2 sided color page (version 1)
SAAC MKII Sales sheet; 2 sided color page (version 2)
SAAC MKII Sales sheet; 2 sided color page (version 3)
SAAC Snake Sales sheet; 2 sided color page
SAAC Parts Brochure; (2 sticker labels)
    Catalog white, Price List green, Order Instructions blue, Order Form yellow, Wholesale List pink

ITEMS Included with car purchase;
SAAC Invoice [Owners name, VIN, options list/cost, deposit, amount due on delivery
SAAC Window Sticker (Moroney Label)
KONI shocks adjustment white knob (red letters, ‘FIRM’ with arrow noted)
Floor Mats; SAAC logo embroidered in coordinating colors

ITEMS mailed after purchase;
ARTWORK; -SHELBY AAC MKI illustration (created by Ed Gullett)
These were sent to original MKI owners as a thank you for their purchase along with a thank you note. The illustration included the double matting in matching colors. They were never offered for sale.
They were sent wrapped in cellophane. Some original owners did not pass these along to the second owners. Buying an MKI, don’t forget to ask the seller to include this illustration along with the all the documentation.
While line art for the front view was used for the illustration, it was also used in stationary and letterhead. Line art for a rear view was also created by Ed, however I do not believe it was used in any materials sent out for marketing.

More photo to follow...


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