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help pricing a 1970 Hemi Cuda

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Harris Speedster:
When I go actually physically view the car, want to leave a deposit.
Sure it will get away if not.

Been stored inside, last drove about 20 years ago.
Climate control,garage never hit, never rusted, partial repaint, Mango. black int, column shift, shaker.

Service block from dlr when almost new. Bum deal, probably 20% disc
I have not seen the car yet, but know the DR quite well.
No idea what to tell him on price,  ?

I would say; nice driver if polished up, good enough for parades.
Interior the same.
Dr was not a gear head, he drove it while in Medical school and as time went, just left in his climate controlled garage.
Not sure what to bounce off of him?
Worst case $ , best case $ ?

So, I'm not you SME here for Hemi's...  Sounds like he has an 'asking price' already?  If yes, how grounded is that?  No need to disclose, am sure you've done your homework.  There are plenty of price guides around.  Should be a good color.  What's the reason for the partial repaint, do you know?  What climate was in DD in?  If not running for 20 years, could cost you 5-20K to get it safely driving again.  Off the cuff, I'm thinking: Belts/hoses/brakes/lines/tank/service/fluids/bearings/tires/anti-freeze/pull the pan & valve covers/gaskets/services parts/ensure the motor is not seized or has any damage to effect start-up/battery/filters/etc.  Then, with so much original paint, a nice 1 or 2K exterior detail.  Interior should not need much, but your nose will tell you once you open the door.  Hopefully, wiring is all good, not all cut under the dash or mouse/rat eaten.  Like any project, it can quickly go from what you think is reasonable to geometrically out of control.  Do you suffer from OCD?  I do, a simple couple of items on 1 car turned into a 13 month complete restoration.  Basically, an upside down gold-mine for me.  What are your plans?  Hopefully, you have waaaay more restraint than me.  If you can buy it at a fair price, drive it, have fun, not spend too much, then may be a fair deal.  Oh, if you want all date coded stuff vs. nice re-pop parts, that too will have an impact.  I am sure I am missing a bunch...  Does it have all OEM glass?  Without more detail, maybe 150-200?

A very nice driver (real R code not a clone) with an auto and a non matching block is around 140+ today,  Cuda's  have shot back up in value over the past few months. Just make sure the cowl and radiator support number match the vin sequential number.   

98SVT - was 06GT:

--- Quote from: Harris Speedster on August 24, 2021, 11:34:37 AM ---Dr was not a gear head, he drove it while in Medical school and as time went, just left in his climate controlled garage.
--- End quote ---

Original owner? Did he keep paperwork? All value adders.
I hope his expectations are not based on an afternoon of watching Barrett Jackson.

Special Ed:
What about options on fender tag needs decoded as all hemi cudas are shakers and column shift hurts value and can be split bench or buckets depending on how ordered. Go Man Go   is a good color and check rear super trac pac  4;10 dana or 9 3/4 regular rear probly since its an auto.


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