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how to read bumper code 9 17 M3

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Datecode information for 69/70 here;


--- Quote from: JohnB on August 31, 2021, 04:05:58 AM ---Datecode information for 69/70 here;

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Yes have seen it. If you notice the pattern does not always include the shift (examples first page last two examples in both lines of pictures. If you read the text it suggests that shift or two digit dates were stamped last in line. if you notice the last picture to the right in the upper line of picture does not end with 68 but starts with 68.  As mentioned above the pattern changed - maybe a number of times during that period. The one ending in "M 9" with a "68" has lead some to believe that some bumpers were marked to identify the application but that idea has its conflicts.

Also the OP was asking about 67/68 and the article focuses on 69/70 though you may have missed that since he didn't include it in the title of the thread. But the article likely, is a great help for those who have those cars and are interested in rear bumper details since front bumpers are different between Mustangs and Shelby's as I'm sure your aware

thanks for all the help!!!


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