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Shelby Polished Cragar "look alike" wheels

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SFM 6 S068:
Awhile back, a member posted a picture on this Forum, of their white/blue stripe '65 (possibly '66) Shelby GT350 with polished after market wheels.
These wheels looked very much like the 15' Cragar wheels but with a more aggressive stance. At the time, I noted the manufacturer but have since misplaced it. Does anyone recall the picture, the manufacturer, website or where the wheels can be purchased? Thanks in advance.

Drake Legendary GT5?

SFM 6 S068:
No, I'm pretty sure those are not the wheels. The 5 spokes were polished. Thanks for the suggestion. Still looking........

98SVT - was 06GT:
I had some Hurst wheels that had the Cragar look. They had chrome trim rings and the spokes on mine were polished. I notice some are making 1 piece clones without the trim rings.

SFM 6 S068:
Thanks for the response. The pic seems to be very close to what I remember the wheels looked like.


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