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Stuck distributor Ideas please

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68 302. Went to time it and the darn thing is frozen in there. Hold down removed I cannot get it to even budge. Thoughts? Heat? WD 40 is on there now. Thanks

Royce Peterson:
I had one that got stuck like that in a J code 302. I took the vacuum advance off, put Aerocroil on it and then used a strap wrench. It came loose no problem.

thanks... we will see.........

Get some PB Blaster instead of the WD-40.  Spray that on the joint and let it sit overnight.  Then the strap wrench is a great idea. 

That engine more then others for some strange reason seems to be susceptible to oil getting on the o-ring/distributor gasket and drying to the point that it becomes like an adhesive.

I've seen the o-ring dry up and crumble after this so I'd recommend replacing it and putting a little grease on it. Perhaps anti-seeze would work on it but I honestly have never tried it there before. Necessity is the mother of invention.

I've seen it where you need to use the claw end of a flat bar to pry it up to get it out as well. So don't be surprised if you need to go to that extent to get it out.


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