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Phidon Restorations - My Tachometer - Excellent!


Thought I would share with you my experience with Phidon Restorations recently.   I had them restore the tach for my 66 GT350.  Phil (the owner and sole operator) is a very nice guy.  Great to work with and very knowledgable.  He is amazing at restorations of Thomas Faria meters and clocks in Rally Packs.  I'm sure he can restored just about any other speedometers, tachometer or clock too.  He does exceptional work.

Before pictures.  (Not pictured is the inner components that were in a box that came with my car.  The previous owner had someone attempt to restore the tach many years back and was unsuccessful.  The attempt basically left a box full of parts and no progress.  Now it is back together in amazing shape.)


I dropped my tach off at Phil's house about three weeks ago.  He showed me his work area.  Wow, he has so many was amazing.  He also has a great area to work on these.  He is amazing resource for these instruments.  If you are thinking about getting yours restored, do not hesitate.  Jump on this opportunity and do it now.  He is a huge asset to our hobby and everyone could benefit from his skills.   I think I am going to have him do another one for me just so I have another tach for another car some day.

Contact information:
Phone: 208-734-4535

Done 3 for me and sending another. Best out there.

Yeah did one for me. Top work.

Did mine for 6S550, but I didn't have him "restore" it. It looked great when I sent it to him. He just worked on it because sometimes it would work, and sometimes not work. He got it fixed in a short amount of time and really reasonable on cost. Ron

Phil restored a 67 instrument cluster for me, taking a regular Mustang cluster and upgraded to Shelby config with tach for me.  Same, great to work with and amazing results.


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