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Don Johnston:
I spotted this today about CSX2427.  Not sure of the accuracy.  too lazy to check the SAAC Registry.


Great article. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting, two images I have in my files of CSX2427, might have been on the old forum ? The colour shot I have dated

 2019, the b&w is in period, any ideas where that was taken ?


(photos: unknown credits)

Special Ed:
The top photo is in original owner garage and that is the trailer he hauled cobra around in pulling it with his matching yellow t-bird. I went with steve to montery 50th cobra show when he showed it at the track.

I was fortunate to have driven csx2427 at Sears & Thunderhill. The previous owner really believed the cars “should be driven”. He also owned csx2196….aka Flip Top. Was also fortunate to drive that very scary car!


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