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Adjusting the valves on my GT350 302 Engine

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Corey Bowcutt:
I know most of you guys have been doing this for 50 years and can do it blindfolded but I have never done it.  I have a tapping sound coming from my engine so I need to adjust the valves.  I googled it and see there is a procedure for doing it with the engine running and one with it not.  I personally would have never guessed you would do it with the engine running?

Is there a preferred method to use?

Thank you,


The way I always do it is:

Turning the crank bolt for each cylinder: When the exhaust rocker starts down, set the intake.  When the intake rocker goes all the way down and start back up, set the exhaust.  To set a rocker, spin the pushrod with your fingers until you feel resistance while tightening the nut, then it's a 3/4 or full turn from there, I don't recall which.  Obviously easier to do with plugs out.

The shop manual has the procedure also.

I'm sure there are other ways.  An old school guy told me this way many years ago and I've just stuck with it, never have any issues.

67 GT350:
I use a feeler gauge. But the same procedure mentioned above.

Royce Peterson:
I always do it with the engine not running in one of the ways mentioned. Then, afterwards, I adjust them again with the engine running.

I have a set of Snap On rocker arm clips that plug the hole on each rocker arm so oil does not squirt everywhere. A valve cover with the top cut out makes it relatively clean. You don't want to run the engine with both rocker covers removed - huge mess.

With the engine running you back off each rocker until it makes noise. Then turn it exactly 1/2 turn tighter.

98SVT - was 06GT:
You're getting 2 different methods here. Hydraulic or solid lifter method. Which do you have?


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