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Ken Miles Car Salesman remembrance...


Near me is an Island in Lake Erie, South Bass Island, that is were Admiral Perry defeated the British in 1812.  In the 50's they ran small-bore car races in the streets. They now hold vintage car races at the airport, a buddy of mine raced there this past week and did well.

At any rate, there is a book out on the races held in the '50's and in it an interview of a "reporter" that drove from California to Ohio to cover the races one year - yes really!  And he bought the car (a Nardi Fiat 600 - again really!) from a salesman at North Hollywood Motors - KEN MILES!  Here is the portion regarding the "test drive" given by Miles...

I'm sure none of you will be surprised ;-)

98SVT - was 06GT:
I wonder if they meant Von Neuman's Competition Motors in NoHo. It was the sports car go to place in the 50/60s

the Ken Miles-driven, John Von Neumann-owned Porsche-Cooper was the most successful Cooper on the U.S. West Coast. Even though its career was short, Miles achieved the ultimate grand slam. He won both an under-1,500-cc and over-1,500-cc main event in one day.

FYI Its Angeles(not Angels) Crest Highway .Super fun road to drive a Shelby on 8)

JD, another great thread on little know facts !

This is from the Art Evans "Ken Miles" book.


also from the Evan's book, MotoRacing Dec. 30th. 1955

98SVT - was 06GT:
Cal Club magazine 1956

CS MG ride

good article page 57


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