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Original Engine vs. Non Original Engine effecting values?

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I have really never entered into a discussion regarding the values of 67 Shelby GT350 having the original engine or an engine with the correct casting numbers.  It seems like most Shelby's had there engine replaced along the way. Any thoughts.  In Judging is any of the casting numbers and build date of engines even considered?  Does anyone have a comment on this subject?

As far as judging for in a National SAAC event yes castings numbers, dates and such are included in the scoring for the top most class. Same thing goes at some of the others - just depends.

For the classes that allow good and correct reproduction parts the same details are not included but if some other feature in the casting (shape, mounting points, ....) is different then you can expect a discussion and possible deduction.

Thank you for the post, What would be acceptable casting date range for a block for a Shelby that was built March 28 1967?
Thank you for your input.

I guess I would  like to get an opinion if it would be acceptable to have an engine with a build casting
March 9 1967 and a car build date of March 28 1967?

I would think that might be a little short of the time from casting and perhaps maybe even to soon from build date.


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