Author Topic: 67/68 Shelby 15/16 sway bar not as described on Ebay.  (Read 362 times)

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67/68 Shelby 15/16 sway bar not as described on Ebay.
« on: September 27, 2021, 03:53:12 PM »
The 15/16 sway bar in the auction is for 69/70 Shelby and Boss Mustang . It is priced fairly for that application. Unlike the description it is NOT assemblyline correct for 67/68 . Seller has been politely notified but he only made minor changes to his description which is still misleading. I am posting here in the hope that at least forum readers will not be mislead.   The  67/68 15/16 sway bar is a different shape in the sway bar bracket area. Because of supply and demand the 15/16 67/68 sway bars typically sells for at least twice as much as a  69/70 version. One reason is because there were about 4 times the number of cars that used that special bar in 69/70 and consequently more plentiful compared to 67/68 version.  The 69/70 sway bar is a viable replacement and will give more clearance with the harmonic balancer on a 67/68 BB but it is still not assemblyline correct. Information is meant to help potential buyer so they can make a informed decision that is best for them.
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