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2013 Boss 302 Laguna on the move

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Yes, aware it's not a 69 or 70 but this section seems the best fit. Man, what a driver's car.  Pure joy driving with the sights and smells of Autumn.  Add in the burble of the exhaust and this is my Viking version of Valhalla. My ancestors were sea faring. Me, I'm a road warrior (in my dreams) and want nothing to do with the sea.
    I have been repeatedly questioned about the veracity of the subject car due to the red stripes on this 2013.  Don't let the red striping fool you. This had to be a day two modification by the owner, swapping out the silver stripes. I am keeping the red. I spotted the brake ducting when I cranked the wheels to the left today for these shots. So the orange tubes in a box that they gave my dad when he bought the car appear to be extras. She came with the hardware for the extended air dam but minus the air dam. Who knows where it went. I am considering getting an aftermarket one that is made of carbon fiber though the originals are plastic.

Exhibit "A" for identification. Engine shots, serialized car number and brake cooling hoses submitted. Move to have them admitted into evidence and published to the jury.

Till death do us part with car 356. Same for 843. But life has a funny way of playing with your hopes and aspirations doesn't it?

Kool car! Now you made me want red brake ducts! Skol! (dna shows I'm 5% Swedish. Does that count as Viking?)

98SVT - was 06GT:
I thought your dad bought that one new.

They also came with a trans cooler - really just a scoop to direct air around the trans. The splitter came in a large box

The splitter is pricy considering it's just ABS.

Ford dealer in Henderson NV sold his 2012 LS a couple months ago. Under 200 miles at sticker price. I just hated the 2012 with the red top/spoiler/grille
I was more tempted by his 2015 50th Anniversary Mustang with even less miles on it one of 1,964 but an automatic slowed me down - also at sticker price.

I'll continue looking for a good 2013 school bus yellow LS - closest to my yellow 70 one.


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