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Hi all! just became a member and will like to present myself, being around mustang's all my life! family had a GT350R 67, various 65,66 and a 65 shelby clone, Ive had a 65 HT 289 and now Im the proud owner of a SAAC MK1, number 062, quite an impressive car to say the least, attached some pictures from my dad and uncle racing and of my 65 and SAAC!

65 HT


Bob Gaines:
I thought a very nice introduction. Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the nice introduction and pictures. I didn't know the MKI 062 was for sale. Maybe it was a private sale.
The previous owner and I talked on many occasions in the past. I hope the family kept the black '67 Shelby GT350.

I'll send a follow up PM shortly on 062.


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