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Craig Mazzola:
I am searching for the August 1977 newsletter, the December 1979 was obtained.  When I purchased 5s555 last year, I was able to speak to the past owners widow relative to the car.  They were long time owners and have had this car in the family since 1980.   When Mrs. Phelon comes across information on the car, she will send it to me.  About a month ago she sent me a stack of papers, which I am now just going through.  There are notes from Mr. Phelon that states this car was in the the Shelby Newsletters in August 1977 and December of 1979.  I would like to obtain any information relative to this car to add to it's history.  Thank you in advance for any help.


That was Austin Craig's car in the '70s. He was the first editor of the Marque, i.e., the SAAC club magazine.

I have an extra copy of the Dec '79 Shelby American magazine. There is a pic of 5S555 in there. I would sell for $13 shipped if you are interested.

5S555 in The Marque vol2 N5 August-September 1977

5S555 in The Shelby American vol4 N6 November-December 1979


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