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Upland, California
Candy Apple Red
Black vinyl

Yes, this is an authentic 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H “Rent-a-Racer”— and yes, it’s documented, including a listing in the Shelby Registry. Its Shelby number is SFM65955. It was originally shipped to Muloon Motor Company, in Pensacola, Florida, in February 1966, for dealer prep prior to delivery to Hertz’s Pensacola outlet. After coming out of service in 1967, it was sold to the first registered owner, in Georgia, and converted to a four-speed. Dual quads were also added. The car was reportedly well used over the years, but not well preserved. Rust took hold and, in 2007, it was purchased by the second owner and treated to a “meticulous” rotisserie restoration, which included returning the car to its original induction system and automatic transmission. The seller of Shelby #5955 is its third owner.

The K-code V-8 engine in this Hertz Shelby is believed to be original and has the correct CSAE-6015-E casting number and casting date code of 5K26. It was rebuilt to stock specifications and reportedly starts, idles, and runs well, with no smoke and no leaks. The original C4 three-speed automatic transmission was removed and discarded decades ago, but a correct replacement backs the 289 and is said to shift well, with only a “light film” of oil on the transmission pan. The rest of the drivetrain includes the correct 3.50-geared rear axle.

When the second owner had the car restored, the body was reportedly striped and soda-blasted, and all of the rusted metal cut out and replaced. The body was then painted the correct Candy Apple Red with gold stripes, with PPG basecoat/clearcoat materials. The seller reports the paintwork remains in “excellent” condition, with the only reported blemish being a small paint chip on the right corner of the trunk lid. All of the brightwork, glass, and seals are also reported to be in “excellent” condition and all of the exterior lighting is functional, according to the seller.

Inside, the black vinyl interior was restored along with the rest of the car, and the seller notes almost all of the materials, from the seat covers to the carpet and door panels, were replaced with new components. There is little apparent wear in the interior since the restoration was completed and the seller reports no holes or tears in the carpet or seat covers. All of the trim is intact and all of the gauges are reported to work normally, but the original AM radio is nonfunctional.

The chassis, suspension, and brake systems were restored what appears to be stock condition and remain in excellent-appearing condition, with no reported issues or needs. The chassis and suspension components are well detailed, with reproductions of factory markings. When it comes to the rolling stock, this Shelby rolls on the correct Magnum 500 wheels with Hertz center caps. They’re wrapped with BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires that are said to show “98-percent” remaining tread.

The seller states that this vehicle will be sold on a clean California title in his name. Additional paperwork includes SAAC registration documents, including the build sheet, Shelby number verification, dealer delivery sheet, Shelby billing/delivery report, and a complete ownership history. There is also extensive photo documentation of the restoration. This 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H appears to be an authentic car with a documented history — and one of 1,002 “Rent-a-Racer” models produced for 1966.

Thanks for sharing - one that I didn't have pictures of

Ca plates are a little deceiving IMHO but its not like others have not added them to cars later in life in hopes that it somehow improves something.

Looks like good documentation and a fair amount of pictures. Hope the owner gets out of the car what their looking for

"Noooooo!  Don't sell me!  After all these years?"

Interesting welded rear traction bar brackets.


--- Quote from: J_Speegle on October 15, 2021, 11:14:01 PM ---Ca plates are a little deceiving IMHO but its not like others have not added them to cars later in life in hopes that it somehow improves something.

--- End quote ---

Before California allowed retro-fitting the 60's style yellow on black plates, the phrase "CA black plate" meant something.  True, today, it does not mean much at all, unless the owner can back it up with all of the yearly renewal stickers.


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