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All-  Hopefully, this is the right place for this - if not, Bill, please move it as needed.  One member reached out with a recommendation on a car hauler he's used in the past (Thank you John!), but that individual no longer hauls cars.  Believe he's now a short haul driver.  I have used the big guy's before, but for this haul would prefer an individual with their own vehicle and enclosed trailer as there will be parts/boxes, and other stuff to haul back (interior parts, etc.). If anyone has a recommendation or is a retired/semi-retired guy that has the right equipment and willing to do it, or needs to have a load from the greater Knoxville TN area to the Justin Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area), please reach out.  Timing would likely be mid November to Christmas, but dates could be flexible.  Any questions, please feel free to PM me.


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