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Question for Ned Scudder


Hello Ned, My name is Alan Faulkner-Stevens and i have a restoration shop here in the UK. I have been involved with Shelby Mustangs for 40+years and Cobras for 20+ .
Recently i have completed the final assembly of AC Cars Continuation Cobra COB5003, which has sat around as a basic roller for many years.
Would you like to build specs/details on the car for the Registry?
Kind regards Alan.

Cobra Ned:
Hello, Alan - At this point, it has become the focus of other groups to maintain a registry for the continuation cars. SAAC is concentrating on the '60s-built cars only these days. So as  much I as wish you well with COB 5003, there is nothing I can do with its data at this point. All the best-       Ned


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