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How far back can we get Mart report on Mustang?

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How far back can we get Marti report on Mustangs



--- Quote from: 1969shelbygt350 on October 17, 2021, 02:00:23 PM ---How far back can we get Marti report on Mustangs


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Meant to quote:

1967  8)

98SVT - was 06GT:
Google is your friend -

Regarding the Ford records and Marti reports,

I believe much of the Shelby related information on the reports came from SAAC several years ago. If a report was requested earlier than 2017 it might have some incomplete data compared to today’s reports.

As an example, reports for 1969-70 Shelby’s only had the totals of all the special paint cars in the earlier years. Today’s reports have the cars listed individually, with the individual special paint color stats. Also, we occasionally see earlier run reports 1 digit off in the stats, compared to later year reports.

Harris Speedster:
Did Marti end up buying all of the old ford invoices that Louis Eminger had ?
She worked at Ford, and went dumpster diving when Ford tossed thousandth of invoice and build sheets.
Very fine lady !


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