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question regarding quarter trim panel lower mounting bracket


Hello all, Im working on 1453 . While  installing my quarter large trim panels I notice my car was missing the lower brackets that the panels attach to. I looked at my before  pictures and they dont show the bracket . These brackets  are tack welded in. I also searched the web and found pictures of other Shelbys without the brackets. Was this a Shelby thing and if so do the lower trim panels just float there? Thanks for any info. Olaf

Some 66's have them and others did not. Given your car's VIN your's likely didn't come with them as you have found.
That lower rear corner of the panel just flaps around from vibrations if and when there are any. Good thing is that there isn't anything to rattle against as long as the top retainers are tight

When restoring 1487 some years ago, I ran into the same thing and opted to fab some right angle brackets with Tinnerman clips attached, then secured them to the floor with JB Weld.  Just be sure the holes line up beforehand.

thank you for the info


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