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What is the correct washer Reservoir for a mid March built 66 GT350.  The one with white letters or the one with gold letters.  I have seen both.  Thanks

I was told today that the car original came with a white lettered bag and if you went to the dealer you got the gold lettered bag.  I don't think that is correct.  Also I was told that the gold lettered bag would be a deduction in points. 

O.K., I'll chime in.  I seem to recall that the white-lettered bag would be correct up to mid-year production when the gold-lettered bag was phased in.  When that occurred, I can't say. Perhaps Bob or Jeff can set the record straight.

My limited research on this matter over the years has seen me narrow down the change from white to gold printed washer bags to be in the month of may.

happy to be corrected by others if they have done this exercise in further depth.



I have seen the larger gold lettered bags on cars much earlier than I originally thought that they would be used. In my opinion, that bag would be used on a mid-march '66 built car.

It's interesting to note that 6S598, which is featured in the April 1966 Sports Car Graphic appears to have the larger gold lettered bag.

6S933 and 6S1732 had the original bags...they too were the gold lettered larger ones.

I would be interested to see an original smaller white lettered bag with the hinge style cap. I don't believe that I have seen one except for the reproductions.

As a side note, there are two different reproductions of the white lettered bag. One is USA made and just super nice. The other has a longer "neck" and is easily spotted.


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