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Comfort weave interior in parchment cars

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This topic was brought up in another thread in the auction section of cars for sale, and was said that there were no parchment cars with comfort weave interior code 5U  only smooth interior code 6U .Well my Nightmist blue/parchment car has comfort weave which seems to be original & my DSO that came with my car seems to show  that .

That was my error - sorry for the confusion!!

All parchment interior/trim in a 1967 Shelby GT350 and GT500 are coded as '5U'
'5U' is a knitted / comfortweave trim.
There were no '6U' parchment trim (smooth) used for any 1967 Shelby built by Ford, completed by Shelby.
~257 total parchment units were built at SJ for Shelby American (SAI).

There is more detailed info in the link for those interested.

The SVO sheet sets (for a DSO group) are identical in package, except for paint colors, with very few exceptions
(The exceptions are DSO 84-2534, -2536, -2538, -2540; first emission equipped engines delivered late to the production line in SJ.)
The photo posted above is for DSO 84-2562 with 15 units...all with '5U' trim.

OK got it so the one in the auction with the smooth seats is a repop ?

The answer should be, what DSO group does it belong to and what are the interiors in that group.

I'd guess that someone put new upholstery in the car and chose the wrong one?
There are people that speed read through this forum and may have just identified a mis-quote from a post as if it was historically correct and accurate? Then, quick changed the interior before the auction happens and just does the "nothing to see here" scenario routine?

What does the 67 Registry say about that car and what documentation does it have?

I didn't look for the phrase 'all original' in the auction description. I'd consult with one of the '67 Concourse judges that judged it at SAAC-11 if I could find one as to how it was shown at that point.

Is the side stripe right? It didn't come from SA with Lemans stripes. None did.

It all comes down to what a buyer wants and it looks like this one may have been tailored to what data sheets would currently show?

I think that standard black could be redyed parchment.


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