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Kevin Harts Muscle Car Crew on Motor Trend TV

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I hope everyone is programming their TVs to watch this fun and enlightening series.

Watch world renown actor Kevin Hart and the crew explore the world of car collecting, to see what it's really like to be muscle car devotees, all while starting a car club.

What fun every Tuesday night, don't miss it !

Just a friendly reminder to tune in tonight so you can view these fun loving muscle car aficionados.

 I think if you wanted one you can order those red club shirts.

You too can be kool order today!

Tonight  tune in to MT TV  to see Kevin and his crew !

Kevin Hart.... the guy who put his classic Mopar off a straight road, through a fence, over the weeds, and into the trees Kevin Hart ?

I think I'd rather watch Tiger Woods hit a bucket of balls with his loaner Genesis GV80 ......

TA Coupe:
Kevin was not the driver:

Hart was one of three people involved in a crash in Calabasas, California, last month.

According to a California Highway Patrol incident report obtained by CNN, Hart and the driver, Jared Black, sustained back injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment

Maybe your memory is what went off the road also 🤔



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