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67 GT500 RH exhaust manifold

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Hi all,

I have this exhaust manifold and it has a cutting are.
Is this from factory or a past owner modification?
I need to know from protection line were for a Mustang 1967 Shelby GT500?
I am referring were there is the red.
Thanks Kyle.

I'm pretty sure that it is not stock. Someone has enlarged the opening.

   +1 "modified" It will still seal with a flat gasket and spacer combination. Possibly enlarged for a CJ spacer.

That is stock for a later 68 model without spacer or exh ctl valve. The donut fits in exhaust manifold. The casting number is C60E 9430A. I have one one exactly like it on a late 68 FE.

It uses the later year(68) H-pipe for 390/427/428.


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