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Clear Bra protection ?

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--- Quote from: CSX 4133 on May 03, 2018, 03:51:07 PM ---
--- Quote from: Andrew@MagMustangs on May 03, 2018, 01:32:01 PM ---Your best option is to have an installer do it the way they do it. No, you do not want the edges rolled. That is not the right way to do clear shield. We don't lift the edges to cut, we just do it without cutting through the paint. Any other way is for someone who can't 'cut it' doing clear bras. I have a guy who spends all day doing nothing but clear shields. They are one of the hardest processes to do correctly in automotive vinyl. Pre-Cut kits are horrible. The best thing to do is custom cut it on the car. If you insist on having the edges rolled then you either won't find anyone who will touch your car, or they won't give you any guarantee on the work.

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I may not have described the process clearly. By rolling the edge, I mean rather than ending the material at the fenders edge you roll the material into the inner fender lip. This protects the inner fender lip and also hides the finished edge. By allowing for tucking the material you don't cut the material against a painted surface, you use the panel seams to cut or hold the material off the surface while cutting. The extra material is then trimmed to leave enough to form around the the edges of a panel. It takes for time, but the results are worth it.

--- End quote ---
I knew exactly what you meant. that is why I said what I said. What you are describing is not a common practice in clear shields, and so you will have a hard time finding someone to do that for you, IMHO.

I had the XPEL product applied (professionally) to my non-Ford daily driver ó entire front clip, around rear wheel wells, on side mirrors and headlights, etc. ó and have been quite pleased with the results. Really handles minor environmental debris, nearly invisible if installed correctly, and it has more than paid for itself by protecting the paint from minor abrasions. Itís good stuff and I would recommend it for higher-end vehicles.

After googling CSX 4133 and seeing that it is a black car, You MUST use 3M brand. You don't have any other choice due to the color of your car if you want it to look even halfway decent.

CSX 4133:

Actually I'm leaning toward one of the STEK brand products.  Better quality, warranty and appearance. The only issue will be I'll have to trailer the car to an authorized installer, which might be Esoteric Detailing in Ohio.

The big question I have is there a problem with color fade due to the  film installed. Was just warned by a co-worker.


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