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Clear Bra protection ?

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CSX 4133:

I've had XPEL on two dark blue cars for three years now with no issues. Prepping the surface, stripping the wax/sealant off and then doing a full paint correction was required before the film was applied. The film added glossiness to the cars if anything, my two cents, and the clarity of the film hasn't changed. I was warned to not use a cleaner wax on the film as it could micro scratch the film. Other than that I've used various waxes.sealants on it with no issues.

I think the problem might be that the paint UNDER the Film doesn't fade as fast as the Paint NOT covered by the Film.  I have installed a LOT of Graphics on many of my Cars, I will design a complete package, install it and a few months later design something new and when I remove the first set of Graphics you can easily see a difference in the Paint and how it has faded all over BUT where the Graphics were.  I started using Graphics for my Designs because it is cheaper than painting the designs on the Cars PLUS, I can get wild with my designs now.

I've had it installed on a few of my cars.....good results...Agree with Andrew best not to use a precut Kit.  The last car I had it installed was done with an entire sheet over the entire hood....I hated seeing the line when its installed 1/4 of the way up the hood.  A bit nerve racking as the cut it to fit....but this is where is pays to have someone who knows what they are doing.....As far as rolling the edges, it can be done, but sometimes it looses its adherence......


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