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FoMoCo Metal Sign Find

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I generally visit the swap meets or flea market on the weekends always looking for something that I don't really need.  I'm usually on the lookout for vintage tube radios and vintage automotive related items.  I love the element of surprise and not knowing just what I'll come across.  Our flea market is pretty small now as we lost our previous venue which was a very large parking lot.  This makes the pickins even slimmer!  I went there yesterday and was on my last run when I noticed several metal signs leaning up against the legs of one of the tables.  They were all, except for one, the $9.99 type of tin sign that's made to look vintage with the typical "rust" around the edges.  But one caught my eye.  It was a FoMoCo sign that was larger than the rest (18" x 13-1/2"), was 2-sided, heavier than most (2 lbs), and had eyelets in the upper 2 holes.  I already have a repo that's the same style and size but is lighter (1lb 10oz), one-sided, has no eyelets, and the method of painting is different.  The one I just purchased has a very nice shine to it.  It was painted red first then the white was done over that.  It does have some scratches and dings but no rust.  I was able to buy it for the price of a cheap tin sign. One can't have too many Ford signs (contrary to what my wife thinks!).  I did some internet research and I'm pretty sure that the one I purchased is an original.  Are there any vintage sign experts here that can provide some input?  Much appreciated!    Craig R.


highland green:
not an expert but i think red is ford tractor, still a nice find. brass eyelets are an indication of original. :)

Got one of those in my shop, it's from the fifties.

CSX 4133:

I've seen similar on eBay.

Cool find Craig, thanks for posting the pictures.


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