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You are looking at my wonderful 1991 Mustang GT convertible with the full SAAC conversion.  In 1991 Ford was coasting and not making any "special" Mustangs, so the Shelby American Automobile Club began putting their own special Mustang together.  The result was a great car, but expensive and out of reach for most Mustang enthusiasts.  One of these enthusiasts loved the SAAC Mustangs, but could not afford the $48k it took to get a fully loaded version, so he built this one.  Starting with an 11,000 mile GT convertible, he collected all the parts to do a 100% right replica of the club cars, and it's hard to say he didn't achieve his goal.  With receipts totaling over $20k he collected the components to make one exciting Mustang.  Every component is the same as on the authentic cars, except for perhaps using SVO seats.  The car is so well done that when I took it too a MCA national show, one of the SAAC club judges approached me and said "I know this car".  Here are some of the ingredients that went into this creation:

Vortech Supercharger
SAAC intake plate and valve covers
SVO aluminum cylinder heads
Ford Motorsport E-303 cam
MSD ignition
Full length headers

Complete custom leather SAAC interior
SVO Mustang seats
Correct SAAC shift knob/boot
Dash plaque indication build #22
Certified Calibration 160 mph speedometer
Correct SAAC emblem on steering wheels
Light bar

SAAC rear spoiler
Decklid rack delete
SAAC lower ground effects
SAAC brake cooling kit
SAAC stripe kit

Eibach lowering springs
Koni shocks/struts/quads
Simmons 3 piece wheels
Full Borla exhaust

This Mustang drives, sounds and handles like you would expect from a low mileage performance Fox Mustang.  The original paint is in excellent condition and the original top looks good and works great.  Look at the photos and contact me if you need any further information, but I believe I've covered it all here.  This is a wonderful car and one you would be proud to own, drive and show. 

Noticed the link is dead, but I do have a couple of photos to add for this particular tribute.
It was built with the tag noting it as MKII 022 (The SAAC Car Company stopped production of the MKII before that number)

???The car is so well done that when I took it too a MCA national show, one of the SAAC club judges approached me and said "I know this car". ???


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