Author Topic: Ford GT art, 11" x 17" on heavv art paper. Your commission if you find a gallery  (Read 108 times)


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I've got dozens of prints from my paintings of Shelby related art but no gallery has the spunk to step up and put one on the wall. True, automobiles are rarely featured in art (though Andy Warhol had a few) If you reach out to your gallery owning friend and ask "Can you put one of these on the wall for one month (he can sell at any price though they have sold for as high as $75 retail), I'll send you an additional one rolled up in a tube as commission for landing the one month display in a legit gallery (one that I can find pictured on the net).
Here's a partial list, haven't looked for all of them yet in the 4 foot tall stack of prints.

Example of Andy Warhol print for sale 27.5 x 35.25 l'art de automobile $420

Gulf Ford GT40 at Laguna Seca (owned by Robb Walton)
1964 Ford GT
'05 or '06 Ford GT cut into targa by Mark Gerish

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