Author Topic: '69 428CJ distributors, Carter X and 3939S/4201S restamped fuel pumps  (Read 667 times)


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Hi guys, my next car is due in soon so I need to both clear some space and free up some mullah to pay for import/registration/taxes etc. I have had these for trade parts for some time, got a few other bits floating around, but these are the most transportable:

So, I have 2 x C8OF-12127H 4-speed distributors, all original items, all have HP6 vacuum advance modules.

Dated 8H13 - distributor rebuilt and recurved by Faron Rhodes, new points etc, vac adv module rebuilt by Tim O'Connor $850

Dated 9A14 - nice unrestored item. retard vac adv leaks, advance is good. Could be dropped in and run. $600

I also have 2 x C8OF-12127J auto distributors, both original items, neither has the correct Autolite vacuum advance module.
Dated 8G11 - simply a nice core unit. Will have points etc. Should not be dropped in and run. Vac Adv unit LOOKS like an autolite one, but doesn't say autolite, $500

Dated 8H20 - also a nice core unit. Possibly could be dropped in and run, new generic vacuum advance module, points plate etc. Recommend restoration $550.

I also have a few Carter X restamped fuel pumps available. These are made from original Carter X housings, and I get the lower caps with the pressed in tubes made. Can be dated to suit your car, rebuilt, ready to install and run. 4441S part number. $350.

I can also provide Boss 302 & 429 pumps, 3939SA and 4201S button pumps for 65/66 K-codes as used in Shelby Mustangs - please enquire if you need one.

I have about 3 sets of 428CJ lift hooks - some painted, some not. All nice condition - $250 per set OR if you buy a dist AND a fuel pump, I'll add a set of lift hooks for $100 - can't be too bad a deal like that for forum members. Buyers pay postage, happy with bank transfer or PayPal. Open to price guidance on these too if you think I'm reaching too far. Thanks, Jeff.

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