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Shop space and car storage

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Hello All,

I have a warehouse I rent and share with a few other guys that store and work on their cars there. We have someone moving out soon and will need to fill his spot. The shop is located in Milpitas,CA

The shop is 2200sqft, has a two post lift, welder, plasma cutter, grinders, drill press, tire machine, work benches, and some other misc communal shop equipment, an office and two bathrooms. 24 hr access, security monitored.

You will get one space inside to park, store, and work on your car and a space in the back lot for a trailer if you have one.

Please message me if you are interested.

Hi,my name is Mar Samson. I own 2148. I live in Palo Alto. I might be interested in being part of the group. What are you looking for each month in rent?

Thatís awesome! Too bad youíre not in San Antonio, TX.  :'(

What a great idea! Cost sharing car space like this makes a ton of sense... especially where real estate is super expensive.

Wish I was closer....


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