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So I am cleaning out my storage locker and my neighbor is cleaning out his locker as well, I look down and see a complete c7zx dual quad intake set up and ask if he wants to sell it and he said he would. I ask if he has anymore STUFF he might sell and said how about some tunnel port 427 engine parts, I said yes I would be interested, we make a deal on price and mention to him it sure would be nice if he new where the rest of the car that the intake manifold came off of, he says he does know where it is and proceeds to take me to it and one thing leads to another and now the Big-Bad-Blue Shelby is headed to my shop. The car was taken off the road in 1971 due to a mishap while street racing. Fast forward 47 years and the Beauty and the beast is now running around on its own power with a 427 medium riser and the goal is to run 176 mph to be the fastest day 2 street Shelby on the planet, using 50 year old technology. It was mentioned before but all was lost to cyber space... Still will need some help finishing my project, Thanks to all who have helped to this point and welcome more assistance in attaining my goal.

After 47 years since someone has driven my car as a complete car, it soon will have all its interior work done to make it whole again. I received the upholstery for it and will soon be getting it back together. It will have parchment comfort weave to compliment its Nightmist blue with white stripes theme. Hope to have some pictures of it going back together as some of you know I'm not too good with taking pics. To those not knowing the story line it was a street racer long before street racing became popular with shows like Street Outlaws. It was the king of the streets around New York-Jersey-Philly areas with Blue Cheer painted on its sides. This is what apparently the owner was on ( BLUE CHEER ) when he took an off road excursion with the tunnel port outfitted 427 and has sat for the last 47 years as an incomplete Bad Boy Big Block. Soon to completed, hope to have some pics showing its progress!

Great story!  Nice to hear that one more Shelby is going to be resurrected after so many years.  Can't wait to see some of your pictures.  Keep us posted and congrats on your found treasure.

Craig R

The car does have an interesting story line to it and am lucky enough to bring it back to its glory days. This car embodies the 1960s early 70s burn your draft cards burn your bras. lets go party, race, get in trouble, drive fast , have fun and rebel against the machine. It was a sign of the times and what everyone was doin at the time , even the music at the time was in favor of these activities. So to relive some of these memories many of us choose cars of this era and music to go along with it. WHAT A LONG STRANGE TRIP ITS BEEN! ;)

Question regarding the chrome buttons on the deluxe seats-My seat kit did not come with this pieces but since I got the last parchment seat kit in the US I didn't want to complain. Are these pieces available by themselves and if they are do they look correct for the application. Are they glued or screwed on? A 2 month waiting period seemed like a long wait to make some more seat covers. They didn't make very many back then and I guess that holds true today.Thanks in advance...


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